Katagi Blau

Palma Beach


Stylish Japanese fusion cuisine with a fantastic view of Playa de Palma | Majorca and the sea.

KATAGI Blau lives up to its meaning “there is no other like it under the sun”. And, literally, there is no other place like it in the bay of Palma.

In our rooftop, you will feel how Asia blends with Majorca in a unique and modern way in an idyllic location where the Mediterranean acts as the perfect companion to have lunch, dinner or a signature cocktail with friends at Playa de Palma. KATAGI Blau is a singular gastronomic experience through which our chef Gunnar Blischke highlights the sparkle of Asian food using exceptional products.

Awarded as the ‘Best Asian Fusion Cuisine Restaurant in Europe 2019’ by World Luxury Restaurant Awards.

– Asian restaurant with Mediterranean fusion. Advance booking required.

– Dishes prepared using local products

– Dress code: gentlemen are kindly requested to wear long trousers to dinner

– This restaurant will charge as it is not included in any of the hotel accommodation types






Cocktails & Long Drinks

DJ Sessions

Free WiFi


Katagi Blau

Av. d’Amèrica, 2
07600 Playa de Palma
Tel. +34 971 59 60 18

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