Hit Mallorca

Palma Beach


A unique concept that we have never seen on the island before. Show, Event, Music & Gastronomy. Playa de Palma | Majorca

Hit Mallorca offers a unique experience on the island which combines a haute cuisine service conducted by Martín Berasategui — a universal gastronomic reference, and the Chef with most Michelin stars in Spain, twelve — with shows and DJ performances by renowned artist from around the globe.

Coming together within a 30.000 m2 venue, split into various open air and covered areas, designed by the prestigious architect David Alayeto, founder of Estudio IN and designer of establishments such as Destino Hotel Pacha and restaurant-cabaret Lio in Ibiza.

An unparalleled events venue for all kinds of celebrations, corporate gatherings and private dining.

Located nearby Playa de Palma, the property offers large covered and open air spaces with a singular architecture inspired by organic forms that allows to create spectacular custom setups.

The interior layout combines the grace, openness and vibrancy of an amphitheater with intimate corners, enclosed booths, and numerous private settings.

Stunningly furnished, and appointed with a state-of-art lighting and sound system.


Cocktails & Long Drinks


DJ Sessions

Free WiFi


Hit Mallorca

Camí de Can Capó, 13
07600 Playa de Palma
 Tel. +34 971 26 10 20

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