Es Trenc



Es Trenc is one of the most famous beaches in Mallorca and is located in the Colonia de San Jordi region. The white sandy beach stretches for almost two kilometers with beautiful blue waters that transport you to the Caribbean.

The beach is surrounded by beautiful dunes with shrubs that are protected by the government, which in recent years has been taking tougher measures to slow the deterioration of the area that gets crowded in the summer months. One of these measures is the reduction of parking lots and the charge for using it. So it is recommended that you arrive early to get a place. The beach has a restaurant and several chiringuitos (kiosks) where people tend to concentrate.

If you are looking for a little more tranquility, it is better to get away from the beach access points and kiosks. Do not be surprised to find nudists in these more remote areas, since Es Trenc is very visited by naturalists. The “Caribbean” waters can change completely depending on the wind and turn into gray and undulating waters so we recommend checking the weather forecast before visiting it. Besides, its fame is justified and it is definitely worth visiting.


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