Hit Mallorca Palma Beach Description A unique concept that we have never seen on the island before. Show, Event, Music & Gastronomy. Playa de Palma | Majorca Hit Mallorca offers a unique experience on the island which combines a haute cuisine service conducted by Martín Berasategui — a universal gastronomic reference, and the Chef with … Leer más

Chalet Siena Palma Beach Description Just a great restaurant right on the beach with nicely presented & excellent food. Beyond any doubt the most famous venue of the Playa de Palma, “The place to be”. With a unique architecture is it the only chalet of the 1930’s that stayed fully intact in front of the … Leer más

Bonito Kitchen & Cocktails Palma Beach Description An exceptionally beautiful and colorful location, with show cooking and selected music. Playa de Palma | Majorca. Un lugar excepcionalmente hermoso y colorido, con cocina en vivo y música selecta. Playa de Palma | Mallorca. A place that by name already describes how it is. By day it … Leer más

Bikkini Beach Palma Beach Description Something special right on the beach. Great food, super healthy and perfectly presented. Playa de Palma | Majorca Discover the new Beach Club “Bali House” at the Playa de Palma. A venue situated at the seaside with an organic design, that transports you right to Indonesia. It’s gastronomy is based … Leer más