Caló des Moro



Caló des Moro is a precious little sandy beach, not more than 40 meters extension, between two rocks that almost transform it into a cristal clear blue lagoon. Due to this unique shape it has become very famous in the last few years and in the summer months it is crowded with tourists.

Access is not the easiest though, parking is about 15/20 minutes walk from the beach and there is a small descending trail that can be quite challenging. Finding a space to extend the towel can be practically impossible so we recommend arriving early or a good alternative is to visit the nearby beach of S’Almunia which, despite not having the same level of beauty, has its charms with small fishermen’s houses and some diving spots on its rocky coast.

Caló des Moro does not have restaurants, parasols, sunbeds or bathrooms so it is not ideal for families with young children even because they will hardly find space to play in the sand. Still, visiting this beach is a must if you come to Mallorca.



beach playa caló moro