Balneario 12

Palma Beach


Balneario 12 is the first beach bar in Can Pastilla on the promenade. Playa de Palma | Majorca

Since 2017, when it was renovated, Balneario 12 has been called La Playita (Tiny Beach). Inspired by the classic beach houses of the Mediterranean La Playita has wooden details and light colors.

The beach is quite wide and spacious but this is a region where many hotels are located and therefore in the summer months it can get crowded. Still, it is a quieter area than the balneários of El Arenal (0 to 5).

The La Ribera shopping center is located in near the Balneario 12 area and offers everything a tourist could wish for, such as supermarkets, restaurants, bars, a gym, ATM’s and convenience stores.


Cocktails & Long Drinks


DJ Sessions

Free WiFi


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