Balneario 11

Palma Beach


Balneario 11 is the last beach bar before Can Pastilla on the promenade. Playa de Palma | Majorca

Balneario 11 is home for many hotels and restaurants and has a very chill and pleasant atmosphere. Here you will find many people cycling and running in the promenade. There are several bike rentals in this area including both regular bicycles and professional racing and mountain bikes. It’s an area very popular among sports-travellers and families.

The beach in front of Balneario 11 is wide and offers enough space for all families that come here to relax and spend a nice day on the beach. Its waters are calm and cristal clear and invite you for a swim.

The La Ribera shopping center is located in the Balneario 11 area and offers everything a tourist could wish for, such as supermarkets, restaurants, bars, a gym, ATM’s and convenience stores.


Cocktails & Long Drinks


DJ Sessions

Free WiFi


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